TIASO Membership


  1. Every student of the institute shall be member of TIASO upon his/her registration as a student and his/her membership shall lease upon cessation of his/her studentship
  2. Every member shall pay an annual subscription fee as may be prescribe from to time by SRC and approved by the management.


The following are some the rights of members of TIASO

  • Uphold constitution
  • Election be elected by any organ or organs of TIASO provided he/she meets stipulated leadership qualities as specified in the TIASO constitution
  • Be given financial report


The following are some of the obligations of each members of TIASO

  1. Be an example of a self displine and academic responsibility. Individual participate in all activities leading to fulfillment of the TIASO Objectives
  2. Remain influencing TIASO Or its office bearers in any way that may tarnish the image of TIASO
  3. Pay fees and subscription when due student shall pay full fees


The following are the organs of the organization (TIASO)

  1. The student general meeting (SGM)
  2. The student representative council ( )
  3. The government student executive committee (SEC)


Some of the objective of TIASO are as follows

  1. To direct activities that shall enhance interest of students body and the institute community at large
  2. To maintain external relationship with students, academic staff and the institutes administration
  3. To cooperate with other students organization in Tanama Africa and the World at large.

Some of the important functions of TIASO are

  1. To initiative sponsor or undertaker activities for the benefit of students of TIA
  2. To organize debates, debates, seminars, workshops, conferences, congresses, study tours in order to enhance intellectual awareness of the students
  3. Subject with approval of TIA Management, TIASO shall invite any distinguished person such as politician, social academician or cultural to exchange views with student community or any matter of academic interest by way of lecturers, panel, discussion, workshops or any other means.


  1. There is TIASO presidents committee which is responsible for the day to day activities of the student organization
  2. The chairperson or the TPC is the President of the head quarter (DAR – ES – SALAAM CAMPUS)

TPC comprise the following members.

  • President of Dar – es – Salaam
  • President of Singida
  • President of Mbeya
  • President of Mtwara
  • President of Mwanza
  • Any other newly established campuses