Student Leadership Qualities

Any person aspiring leadership in TIASO shall be required to meet the following qualifications and conditions. (These are some)

  1. Shall be a registered of TIA either in full time or evening program
  2. A credible character person, trust – worthy and supporter of aims and objectives of TIASO
  3. A person of respectable quality and exemplary behavior who is able to command and respect TIA Students and the management.
  4. A sound mind person and physically able to discharge leadership obligations demanded by TIA student.
  5. A person who had never been connected in any crime by the court of law
  6. A person who has grade point Average (G.P.A) of 3.5 in his/her academic performance

TIASO is also the one responsible for the establishment, control and coordination of various sports and games within and outside the institute
TIASO is a member of SHIMIVUTA, Sports Association of Tanzania higher learning institutions