Tanzania Institute of Accountancy Students organization (TIASO) is the official recognized organization representing all students at the Institute. TIASO exists in broad terms, to provide social, recreation and cultural activities, to coordinate and to voice collective wishes of its members (students), to negotiate with various authorities and promote the education welfare and interest of its members. An elected President amongst students, whose term of office is normally one academic year, heads it.

Tiaso is mainly established for the purpose of promoting, improving and maintaining cordial relations between the TIA students, the Institute community and other higher learning Institutions and Universities.

Tanzania Institute of Accountancy has five campuses which are Dar es salaam, Mbeya, Mtwara, Singida and Mwanza and therefore each campus has its own students’ government which is headed by the campus PRESIDENT in support with the VICE PRESIDENT and PRIME MINISTER. Whereas the period of leadership of each government is one academic year and after that the General Election is conducted for the aim of getting the other government to hold the office for the other academic year. The Tiaso General Election is for the President, Vice President and Class representatives. The Tiaso ministers and deputy ministers are appointed by the President in consultation with the Vice president and Prime minister.

The headquarter of TIASO is at Tanzania Institute of Accountancy Dar es salaam campus which is the headquarter of all TIA CAMPUSES and therefore the Chair person of the Presidents from all TIA campuses is coming from Dar es salaam campus in each academic year.
Tiaso has its own constitution where by all TIASO’s leaders depend on it in running their day to day activities of the organization.