Tanzania Institute of Accountancy – Kigoma campus was established in 2014 to provide education career on business related discipline for western zone regions customers.

The campus is located along Rumumba road which connects Kigoma town and ujiji town, is just 3km from Kigoma town and 2km from ujiji town,

The campus is accessible by all major routes (Roads, Railway and Airport).



Basic technician certificate in accountancy
Basic Technician Certificate in Procurement and Logistics Management
Basic Technician Certificate in Business Administration
Basic Technician Certificate in Human Resource Management
Diploma in Accountancy
Diploma in Procurement and Logistics Management
Diploma in Business Administration
Diploma in Human Resource Management


Located at Kigoma Ujiji area along Lumumba Road,

(Tanzania Red Cross Buildings)

Address:                  P.O Box 526, Kigoma.

Tel:                           +255 28 2803529

E-mail                      tiakigoma@tia.ac.tz